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BTO Research on Climate Change

Golden Plover by Edmund Fellowes
The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) kicks off in Paris today and runs until 11th December. The effect of climate change on birds is a major strand of our research and our scientists have produced several high profile publications on this topic. For a round-up of our climate change research, please click here.
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RSPB: Stronger action needed to protect native birds of prey as Birdcrime report reveals illegal killing continues

Poisoned red kite in Northern Ireland
23 red kites were poisoned in 2014 (Image: RSPB - Robert Straughan)

The RSPB is calling for better application of the laws that protect UK raptors, as the Birdcrime 2014 report highlights that illegal persecution continues to prevent some of our native birds of prey from recovering to their natural levels.

In 2014, the RSPB received 179 reports of shooting and destruction of birds of prey, including the confirmed shooting of 23 buzzards, nine peregrines, three red kites and a hen harrier. The report also documents 72 reported incidents of wildlife poisoning and pesticide-related offences. Confirmed victims of poisoning include 23 red kites, 9 buzzards and four peregrine falcons. These figures are believed to represent only a fraction of the illegal persecution in the UK, with many incidents thought to be going undetected and unreported.

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