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Fight Bird Crimes

Fight Against Illegal Bird Killing, Trapping, Hunting & Egg Collecting

Poisoned Golden Eagle by Murdo Macleod

Show your support for stricter laws against bird crimes to help save birds from illegal killing, poaching, persecution, trapping, hunting & egg collecting.

We can use power in numbers via social media to express our concerns & encourage enforcement of stricter laws against, change in governments' attitudes towards, & raise awareness of, bird crimes & what needs to be done to stop these atrocities.

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Worldwide we have the problem of illegal bird killing, poaching, persecution, trapping, hunting & egg collecting, & rare birds in particular are suffering as any unnatural reduction in population reduces the chances of their recovery & survival, & so these practices are driving our scarcer birds closer & closer towards extinction.

The same issue also faces our more common birds as they are already under great pressure from the negative impacts of our actions such as climate change & habitat destruction, which has caused rapid declines in populations in recent years. Then to have the added pressure from these unlawful activities forced upon them the birds are being forced closer their disappearance, that is unless we do something to enforce their protection.

Migrating birds have a particularly hard time as often their migration routes direct them through areas where they become in high concentration, & at a time when they are their most vunerable, exhausted from flying sometimes thousands of miles, & so they become easy pickings for illegal hunters, with Malta being one of the best [worst] examples.

The areas of concern:

Illegal hunting for the selfish act of keeping trophies, collections, delicacies & trade of feathers & skins, or just for fun.

Illegal trapping using nets, 'lime' glue, cages & traps for delicacies or removal from an area, but most prevalent is the illegal trade of songbirds for collections or pets & the illegal trade of birds of prey for collections or falconry.

Quite simply the selfish illegal act of taking birds eggs for private collections & trade between collectors. It is illegal to take or possess most birds eggs or their shells & also illegal to disturb any bird breeding, which often happens whilst taking eggs. The rarer the bird or more risk involved acquiring the egg the more valuable the egg is to a collector or trader.

Persecution by gamekeepers or farmers by shooting, poisoning & trapping, in particular birds of prey, as they say they will reduce numbers of their game or livestock by preying on them, but this is most often not even the case.

Look at the Red Kite in the UK, it was hunted to extinction in England & Scotland, & reduced to only a handful of pairs in the mountains of Central Wales. They were persecuted by gamekeepers & farmers because they saw these magnificent birds as competitors for produce of the countryside, & thought they would steal their game or livestock as food, so nearly every last bird was shot or trapped. In actual fact these birds are almost solely scavengers, feeding on carcasses of dead animals & birds, & in turn keep our environment clean & free of diseases which could otherwise spread to livestock, a great advantage for anyone keeping animals or birds in the area.

Reducing bird numbers of any species has negative effects on the rest of nature & the environment as, for example, some birds are an important insect pest control & so maintain the growth of plants which other organisms rely on. And this also goes for birds of prey that keep the balance & ensure songbird & mammal numbers are kept in control.

Overall the vast majority of bird species are suffering from these illegal activities & something needs to be done to stop this.

Please support this cause & help to increase awareness of these careless illegal practices by clicking the 'Like' button on the Fight Bird Crimes & Fight Bird Crimes Facebook page. If enough people show their disgrace at these unlawful activities maybe the governments around the world will take the situation more seriously & implement harsher punishment to those who commit these selfish, mindless acts.

Help save birds from illegal killing, poaching, persecution, trapping, hunting & egg collecting by showing your support.


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