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Conservation Success Stories (Birds of Britain)

by Steve Portugal

Sometimes it can get a little depressing when all the news about the state of the environment and Britain's countryside is bad; farmland devoid of birdlife, wetlands being drained and forestry being cut down. But it's not all doom and gloom, over the last decade many threatened species have been able to make successful comebacks, thanks mainly to the help of conservation charities and organisations such as English Nature, the RSPB and hundreds of dedicated volunteers from estate agents to students to housewives and the police.

Fight Bird Crimes

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Poisoned Golden Eagle by Murdo Macleod

Show your support for stricter laws against bird crimes to help save birds from illegal killing, poaching, persecution, trapping, hunting & egg collecting.

We can use power in numbers via social media to express our concerns & encourage enforcement of stricter laws against, change in governments' attitudes towards, & raise awareness of, bird crimes & what needs to be done to stop these atrocities.

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Worldwide we have the problem of illegal bird killing, poaching, persecution, trapping, hunting & egg collecting, & rare birds in particular are suffering as any unnatural reduction in population reduces the chances of their recovery & survival, & so these practices are driving our scarcer birds closer & closer towards extinction.

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